Why I am not at home

Maurine (12) "After my mum died my father started drinking. He sold our land and our cow. We
stopped going to school and had to beg for food. Then people started coming to the house. They would get drunk. My brothers ran away and I followed when he started beating us".

Davie (5) "lived with my parents and my grandmother. One night people I don't know came to our village; they were from another tribe. There was fire and people started screaming. So much fire. We ran and ran until we could no longer hear the screams or smell the smoke. Then I realised, I was alone".

Susan (8) "I did not know it was wrong. My step-father used to come to me. It hurt a lot. One night I cried and the neighbours came. They beat him. The police brought me here. I like it here but I want to go home".

Joshuwa (12) "I came to town after being beaten by my uncle. He said I had stolen his money. So I did, I took his money and ran away. I like town, I have freedom and friends. People give me things. I take glue. I won't stay here (at the project) long, once I'm better I'll go back to town. There's no money or gum here".

Grace (about 5) was found abandoned in a shopping bag when she was a baby. CRK have named her and she has entered our extended 'family'. Hope of finding her birth family are slim but perhaps one day we'll find them. Grace has some severe development issues which we are helping her overcome

Brian (4) "On our way to visit my auntie I stopped to look at some toys on a stall. I had never seen so many. After all I could see was people everywhere but not Mama Brian. I was lost, I know my village but not it's name. I was taken to an office who brought me here. Now Mama is here and taking me home today".

Rose (7) "Mama died and Baba ran away. Our neighbours helped but lost interest when baby Thomas became ill. We were hungry so I took him to town where a lady brought us here. Thomas didn't last, he had Ukimwi (Aids). I'm okay now and am now in school. Nobody shuns me here".

Erupe (9) "I am from the desert. We used to herd goats. Baba had over 30 and we could trade milk and meat for other things. As the ground got drier our goats started to die. We don't have any now, Baba also died. There is so much hunger in Turkana".