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Street Life

Street children are among the most vulnerable people on Earth. With little or no adult support they are forced to etch a living in any way they can. At best ignored, at worst despised, these children often have to face violent discrimination from both the public and authorities supposed to protect them.

"Night is the most dangerous for us"  a Kitale street child aged 6

Often thought of as scroungers or ruffians the rejection by 'normal' society they enter a parallel society where survival of the fittest and servitude of weakest reins. Absorbed into gangs; theft, drugs and favours become the norm and they enter the downward spiral of illness and abuse.

CRK makes interventions at street and community level. These interventions are designed to preempt children moving to the streets, offer support and opportunities for those who have made the move and positively change the way they are perceive by others. Not to label them 'helpless victims' but to afford them respect and legal protection for what they are: Children.

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