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CRK Health Projects & Interventions

Child Rescue Kenya is a key player in the provision of healthcare and services in rural areas and to street and destitute children and youth in Trans-Nzoia County.

Working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, National AIDS Control Council, the District Community Health Nurse and the Medical Officer of Health at Kitale District Hospital, CRK is able to reach communities and individuals who would not otherwise access health services.

Rural families have difficulty accessing centralised healthcare citing prohibitive transport costs and no guarantee of being attended to once there. Other communities complain of poor services at the centres while others just do not have the resources or confidence to start the consultation process.

The confidence and trust we have nurtured with these groups over the years enables CRK to reach out to them. Our day-to-day work with marginalised children and communities includes direct interventions at street and community level.

Please use these links below to navigate our health interventions.

CRK Community Clinics

AIDS, Control, Voluntary Counselling and Testing.

Community Clinics

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CRK clinics are non-profit community services for the benefit of our project children, street and marginalised children and youth, and, the wider community. They bring curative and preventative services into rural areas and, though independent entities work with the government in local and national immunisation, voluntary counselling and testing and awareness programmes making us key players in the provision of rural community health .

Services we are able to provide include:
  • Treatment for common ailments, including Malaria, Typhoid, TB, etc.
  • Pre and post-natal clinic
  • Immunisation programme for babies, toddlers & expectant mums.
  • STD treatment, advice and provision of condoms.
  • Voluntary Counselling & Testing (VCT) for HIV/AIDS.
  • Family planning advice and services.
  • Access to all local & national immunisation programmes.
  • Professional referral.
  • First aid.
  • Provision of Condoms & advice on the safe use and disposal of them.
  • De-worming.
Projects vehicles are normally available for emergency transport

AIDS Interventions

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The level of AIDS infection in the Trans-Nzoia area remains stubbornly high, at about 11%. In the rural context paucity of service provision, ignorance, misinformation, traditional beliefs and practises contribute to this worrying level. CRK is a registered county provider of Voluntary Counselling & Testing (VCT). Working closely with, and reporting to, the National AIDS Control Council we are able to bring these services to some rural communities, and the street and slum communities of Kitale town.

Our other work within these communities has built a level of trust that enables CRK to reach out to people not otherwise reached. Through holding workshops, conferences for youth and school children, advising customers at our health centres, holding 'barasas' for the wider community, talking one-to-one with street children and, crucially, being open, honest and non-judgemental we manage to advise and test hundreds of people each year. Enabling them to take precautions, access medication and live with dignity.