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Prevention Better than Cure

Community and family participation is key to protecting children. CRK have formed community child protection 'monitoring' groups. These are formed of local Chiefs, Village Elders, School Teachers, Religious Leaders and members of the community in which they work. Volunteering their time they participate in training covering recognising abuse, identifying children at risk and how to respond to suspected abuse.

Depending on the type and severity of the suspected abuse several avenues are available. For severe cases immediate referral to the police or the government's Children's Department would be an obvious choice whereas, if the child is not in imminent danger, the case may be handled by CRK, the village Chief or Elders.

CRK work with families and communities in the interest of the children.

Having dedicated volunteers working within their communities it is often possible to prevent abuse where it may occur. Monitor children who have been at risk and those who have been repatriated through CRK. At village level it gives voice to people, often women, who have concerns but lack the confidence or will to take matters to the central authorities themselves.

This intervention is key to helping families stay together, preempting children fleeing to the streets, ensuring successful reintegration for children who have fled and, critically, protecting children.

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